trellis system

Q & A: Stok-by-paaltjie (echalas) opleistelsel

Stok-by-paaltjie, wat ook bekend staan as ‘echalas’, word veral gebruik in die wynproduserende streke van Côte-Rôtie (Rhone) in Frankryk, Priorat in Spanje en Mösel in Duitsland. Hierdie bladskrif bevat inligting rondom hierdie oplei metode.   Download...

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Effect of trellis system on Chenin blanc wine

There are many ways of manipulating the components of grape berries and one of these is the implementation of a specific trellising system. This will affect light exposure in the bunch zone, air flow through the canopy, crop load, etc., and consequently the primary...

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Use of pruning to revive cold injured grapevines

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential of four different cordon renewal strategies to revive a 34-year-old, declining block of Merlot. The vineyard was cordon-trained and spur-pruned but continued exposure to freeze events resulted in gradual vine...

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