soil microbes

Influence of drought on fungal communities in soil

Background and aim: Plant roots support complex microbial communities that can influence nutrition, plant growth, and health. In grapevine, little is known about the impact of abiotic stresses on the belowground microbiome. In this study, researchers examined the...

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Shaping bacterial and fungal communities in soils

Aim: The present study was conducted to assess whether the vineyard soil microbiome was altered by the use of biostimulants and/or irrigation management. Background and Methods: Vineyard-living microbiota affect grapevine health and adaptation to changing...

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Analysis of soil microbiome in Esca vineyards

In this study, researchers wanted to study the microbial community in the soil of an older, Esca infected vineyard. It is known that microbes can stimulate and modulate plant responses and that the ecosystem of above ground microbes in vineyards is linked to soil...

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