Smoke taint

Guidelines to reduce smoke taint in grapes and wine

Harvesting grapes from vines that have been exposed to bushfire smoke can result in wines containing smoke taint, described as “smoky, burnt and ash” aromas and “cigarette, ash tray, acrid and burnt” flavours. Aroma compounds enter the vine by absorbing onto the...

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Vineyard spray can lower smoke taint in wines

Smoke taint is strongly correlated with volatile phenols such as guaiacol, 4-methylguaiacol, eugenol, syringol and some cresols, to name a few. These phenols occur in two forms in final wines, a volatile form that can be smelled even before tasting a wine and a...

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New frontiers in quantifying smoke taint in vineyards

The aim of this projects was to start development of a non-destructive, in field method to detect what the extent of smoke taint is in grapevine canopies, after exposure to smoke from fires. PROJECT LAYOUT: Seven cultivars were exposed to smoke under controlled...

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