Effect of soil temperature prior to veraison on Shiraz

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of soil temperature between flowering and veraison on growth, nonstructural carbohydrates, hormones and leaf function in Shiraz vines. Previous studies considered the period from dormancy to flowering. This project...

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Removing negative sulphur compounds from Shiraz

Australian researchers conducted a trial to evaluate five different remedial options available to winemakers for the removal of unwanted negative sulphur compounds. The five treatments comprised DAP addition during fermentation, macro-oxygenation with and without...

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Regionality in Australian Shiraz

In this study, researchers wanted to gain more insight into the ‘terroir effect’ of different regions on Shiraz wines.  They wanted to determine what chemical compounds were responsible for certain sensory characteristics. In addition, they wanted to ascertain...

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Shiraz SA

Winetech supports cultivar associations on an ad hoc basis. Support is mostly given to the associations’ technical days and in the form of handouts. Handouts usually comprise booklets of cultivar specific information including the latest Winetech-funded and...

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