Pruning in consideration of sap flow – a review

For many years growers and wineries have been interested in what is currently called: gentle pruning, precision pruning, or pruning with respect to sap flow! But what is hiding behind these concepts? This article aims to summarise some principles linked to what we...

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Series: Mechanical pruning of wine grapes

This Fact Sheet Series provides information about all aspects of mechanical pruning of wine grapes. Starting with the origin and development of mechanical pruning, comparison of mechanical vs hand pruning and the effect of mechanical pruning on wine quality....

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Q & A: Grapevine pruning wound protection

Grapevine trunk diseases (GTD) drastically reduce the economic lifespan of a vineyard. This Q & A highlights the causes of GTD and how to better control GTDs by effectively managing pruning wounds.   Download English version Download Afrikaans...

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