protein stabilisation

Protein stabilisation of white wine with DCMC

A new kid on the block: There seems to be a new contender to potentially replace bentonite as the strategy of choice to protein stabilise white wines. Portuguese researchers evaluated dicarboxymethyl cellulose (DCMC), a novel cellulose-derived polymer similar to...

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Using seaweed to protein stabilise white wines

Research has previously shown that carrageenan, a naturally occurring polysaccharide extracted from red seaweeds, can protein stabilise white wines effectively. As carrageenan is a renewable substance, it poses a very attractive alternative to bentonite. There are...

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Yeast cell wall chitin reduces wine haze formation

The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility that chitin contained in wine yeast cell walls can reduce protein haze formation by binding to the main cause of protein instability, i.e. chitinases in grape juice. Chitinases, in addition to thaumatin-like...

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