new Winetech funded project 2018

Water footprint assessment framework for grapes

New Winetech funded project 2018 - The overall aim of this project will be to integrate various datasets into a framework that will simplify Water Footprint (WF) assessments, with a specific focus on grape production and its derived products. Knowledge of water...

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Development of a DNA-based method to identify mites

New Winetech funded project 2018 - The aim of this study is to provide the wine industry with a quick, accurate and cost-effective diagnostic test for the presence/absence of grapevine mites in plant material. The test will help with identification of the specific...

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Remote sensing of vineyard performance

New Winetech funded project 2018 - This project’s objective is to allow researchers to develop a remote sensing - machine learning framework for rapid, cost-effective, real-time monitoring of vineyard performance. The framework could form the basis for further...

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