Grapevine trunk disease

Analysis of soil microbiome in Esca vineyards

In this study, researchers wanted to study the microbial community in the soil of an older, Esca infected vineyard. It is known that microbes can stimulate and modulate plant responses and that the ecosystem of above ground microbes in vineyards is linked to soil...

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Cultivar biological response to Eutypa lata

Different cultivars differ in their susceptibility to Eutypa lata. The aim of this study was to determine the underlying molecular response that lead to cultivar tolerance or susceptibility to E. lata infection. PROJECT LAYOUT: The study was conducted over three...

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Effect of mechanical pruning on vine diseases

Researcher: Francois Halleen New Winetech funded project 2019 - The objective of this research project is to study the effect of mechanical pruning (MP) on the incidence and severity of grapevine foliar, fruit and trunk diseases compared to conventional pruning....

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