Climate change

Effect of temperature on grapevine phenology

Background & Aim: The variability of grapevine phenological stages under climate change has been studied in many winegrowing regions, with many reporting an advancement of the major phenological stages, particularly flowering, veraison and harvest. This study...

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Effect of a changing climate on specific cultivars

In this project, researchers wanted to understand how different grapevine cultivars respond to a changing climate, in different areas. This study specifically considered maturity, vintage and temperature indices. Project layout Day of year maturity (DOYM) was used...

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Forcing vine regrowth as a strategy to delay ripening

The aim of this study was to determine if vine regrowth can be used as a strategy to significantly delay ripening by close to two months. Project layout: The experiment was done in Spain on Tempranillo grapes grafted onto R110, for one season (2017). Vines were...

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Leaf removal and volatile compounds in hot, dry climates

The effect of leaf removal in Mediterranean and maritime climates are well researched. In this project, researchers wanted to evaluate the effects of leaf removal on volatile compounds in a continental climate, as well as determine which genes are responsible for...

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