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State of the vitivinicultural world

Paris, 27 April 2022, Speaking from the OIV's headquarters in Paris, by web conference, director general Pau Roca, presented on 27 April, information on wine production, consumption and international trade in 2021. 2021: HISTORIC HIGH IN TRADE AND PARTIAL RECOVERY...

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Series: Leafroll control strategy

This Fact Sheet Series contains information about Grapevine Leafroll Disease (GLD) and how to effectively manage this virus in vineyards. The cause of GLD, its symptoms and the spread of the virus is thoroughly explained. Different control strategies and management...

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Series: Mechanical harvesting of wine grapes

This Fact Sheet Series contains concise information about various aspects of mechanical harvesting of wine grapes. The influence of mechanical harvesting on vineyards and wines are discussed as well as different types of harvesting machines. Vineyard layout,...

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Series: Mechanical pruning of wine grapes

This Fact Sheet Series provides information about all aspects of mechanical pruning of wine grapes. Starting with the origin and development of mechanical pruning, comparison of mechanical vs hand pruning and the effect of mechanical pruning on wine quality....

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Q & A: Leafroll control strategy

This Q & A highlights some important aspects of Grapevine Leafroll Disease (GLD). Furthermore it gives details to effectively managing GLD in your vineyards with an easy to use decision tree to help producers determine the best course of action for managing GLD...

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