Application for research funding by Winetech

Winetech acts in the interest of the SA Wine Industry and will be guided, in the consideration of any application, by whether the specific research, technology transfer or training will contribute to the creation and application of technology which may result in winning advantages in the marketplace.


Guidelines, procedure and general information (Terms and Conditions)

  • All applications must be submitted in the prescribed format, templates (concept project proposal, new project application, progress report and final report) are downloadable from the sidebar. All fields must be completed in full.
  • Winetech's Executive Manager requests motivations for funding of possible new research projects in a subsequent year, in the beginning of March of the preceding year. The "Concept Proposal"  online form should be used by clicking on the link (Only active from 19 February until 2 March 2018)
  • Researchers are requested to complete a comprehensive literature study on the specific topic, before submitting the concept project proposal.
  • Winetech's  Manager will promptly submit these proposals for possible research projects to the chairman of the specific specialist committee to be judged by the committee in the course of March where after the applicants will be informed whether they should submit a "New Project" application online by a specific date. 
  • During June the committees evaluate the new project applications and if necessary will request researchers to re-submit the application for further discussions in August/September.
  • "Progress reports" must be submitted to Winetech's Manager by a specific date. Download Progress Report template.
  • During September the committees evaluate the progress reports of running projects as well as the re-submitted new project proposals and discuss them (if necessary) with the applicants during the course of September.
  • Budget. Winetech's management team compile a budget per committee that is tabled for discussion and final approval at the last Council Meeting of the specific year.
  • Winetech will attempt to inform all applicants before the end of November of the year in question whether their application, as determined by the available budget, has been successful or not.
  • All running project applications are re-evaluated annually. Annual outputs/deliverables have to be met. Funding in a particular year does not imply an automatic continuation of funding in the following year and continued funding will only be considered after submission and approval of annual progress reports.
  • The funding of a project is subject to available funds and specifically identified research priorities as well as the approval of Winetech's Council.
  • When a project has been completed a "final report" must be submitted to and approved by Winetech. Download final report template.
  • In the case of students not able to finish their studies/projects the project leader is responsible for the completion of the project and the submission of the final report.
  • The raw data of Winetech funded research projects must be submitted separately but simultaneously with the final report.
  • The final reports of all Winetech funded research projects will also be made available to the Wine industry on Winetech's Research Output Database.
  • The results of all Winetech funded research projects must, if possible, be presented to the end-users in the industry, be published in at least one scientific (SAJEV) and one popular magazine (Winetech Technical/Wineland Magazine).
  • Researchers to contact the Winetech office for approval if requested by other industries to do Technology Transfer actions (present at information days).
  • Payment will take place following submission of an invoice at times agreed to on an annual basis by Winetech and the party in question.
  • Winetech reserves the right to claim a pro rata share of any income generated by immaterial property rights and more specifically any patent rights issuing from the research. The pro rata share is in accordance with the percentage of the Winetech funding of the total expenses of the project. However, Winetech will also contribute pro rata to all the expenses involved in the registration of such rights. The share of the rights attributable to Winetech has to be negotiated before Winetech will fund the project in question.
  • The submission of an application form and the signing of this document implies that the applicant agrees to the prescribed rules and regulations.
  • Any enquiries may be directed to: Mr GJ Martin, Executive Manager: Winetech -

Apply now to get funding for your research

The initial request is done on the Concept project proposal template (in the beginning of March of the preceding year) followed by the New project application if requested by Winetech. Progress reports have to be submitted annually and Final reports at the conclusion of the project.