Knowledge Transfer

Learning and Development

To leverage L&D as a catalyst for the advancement of people by building their capabilities for optimum performance, innovation and the achievement of business goals in the wine industry.

Provide development opportunities through L&D systems that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the succession of wine industry businesses.

The Learning & Development Strategy is part of the strategic planning process of the wine industry and aims to link and integrate Learning and Development initiatives systematically with industry needs in order to:

  • Establish priorities in the effective use and allocation of learning resources;
  • Act as a guiding document for stakeholders in the wine industry;
  • Enhance the quality of learning and education in the wine industry;
  • Contribute towards greater efficiencies in the industry;
  • Be an attractive industry within which to learn and develop;
  • Provision of standards for Learning and Development; and
  • Leverage funding opportunities.

For more information on the learning and development strategy contact Kachné Ross via email at

L&D Career Summary

Winetech Careers

Learner Management System (LMS)

South African Wine and Brandy Learner Management System

The LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education

Who will benefit by using the LMS?

Industry Organisations

  • Accurately report on training;
  • Act as a guiding document for stakeholders in the wine industry;
  • Inform education institutions;
  • Attract new entrants;

Industry Members

  • Find vetted training providers in each area;
  • Upskill employers;
  • Monitor trends;
  • Avoid training duplication;
  • Training dashboard;

Training Service Providers

  • Advertise services to industry;
  • Upload any certification;


  • Electronic CV;
  • Tracking of training;
  • Proof of Employment;

A workplace in need of an SDF

  • We link employers to SDF’s available in their area

For more information visit the LMS website at or email

South African Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB)

The professional body is established for the advancement of occupations, the promotion of knowledge and
to protect the employer (consumer) and public interest by ensuring that members perform to a known standard.

The aim of the professional body is to:

  • Promote and build on the professional status of its members and recognise the expertise of those it represents;
  • Work closely with training bodies and tertiary institutions to ensure that qualifications provide the skills needed in the industry;
  • Provide a forum for networking between workers and the exchange of information and ideas;
  • Develop models of best practice;
  • Advocate on industrial issues;
  • Be a voice in the media about worker issues;
  • Provide professional development opportunities;

For more information visit the SAWIPB website at or email the office at