• Winetech 2020 Research Booklet

    This book’s purpose is to create awareness of Winetech funded research amongst all industry role players. Research and Development forms part of Winetech’s four core activities, which also include Knowledge Transfer, Innovation and Learning and Development. Winetech funds research based on industry needs as identified by various industry stakeholders and individuals. We invite you to contact us, or the researchers directly, should you be interested in information about any particular project. Please note that we cannot officially distribute research results before researchers have published their results in scientific publications, which is why the summaries of completed projects do not contain detailed results.

  • Handbook for Irrigation of Wine Grapes

    Handbook for Irrigation of Wine Grapes in South Africa is in essence a summary of the wine grape irrigation research carried out in South Africa over a period of more than 50 years. The research was carried out to develop irrigation guidelines, particularly with respect to optimising wine quality and maximizing water use efficiency. Therefore, the primary focus of the book is on practical irrigation, rather than the physiology concerning grapevine water relations. In addition to irrigation strategies, and the scheduling thereof, related aspects such as climate, soil properties, water quality, irrigation systems, as well as frost protection are also addressed. It is envisaged that the book will be a useful guide for present and future generations of wine grape growers, as well as viticulture students.

  • Vine Roots

    This book is the result of identified industry priorities, researched and written by two veteran technical role players. Special emphasis is placed on classic historical contributions by highly regarded international workers that are not readily available to all. It deals with all aspects of grapevine roots, such as the growth, morphology, anatomy, physiology and functions thereof. Furthermore, it also gives a review of methods of root investigations, as well as of factors that affect the growth and distribution of grapevine roots. This is followed by a discussion of techniques aimed at the maintenance of grapevine roots in order to make grapevine cultivation in South Africa viable and sustainable.

  • Wingerdwortels

    Hierdie boek is ‘n uitvloeisel van geïdentifiseerde bedryfsprioriteite, nagevors en geskryf deur twee veteraan tegniese rolspelers. Spesiale aandag word verleen aan die klassieke historiese bydraes van hoogsaangeskrewe buitelandse werkers, wat nie geredelik vir alle belangstellendes toeganklik is nie. Dit handel oor alle aspekte van wingerdwortels, soos die groei, morfologie, anatomie, fisiologie en funksies daarvan. Voorts gee dit ook ‘n oorsig van metodes van wortelondersoeke, asook van die faktore wat die groei en verspreiding van wingerdwortels affekteer, gevolg deur bespreking van tegnieke gerig op die onderhoud van wingerdwortels ten einde wyndruifverbouiing in Suid-Afrika haalbaar en volhoubaar te maak.