Knowledge Transfer

Winetech utilises various channels to bring you the latest knowledge in the vine and wine research world:

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)

This website contains links to the SAWIS database containing information and final reports on all Winetech funded research from 1999 to current.

Winetech "Tegnies" in the printed WineLand Magazine contain popular articles by researchers on Winetech funded research projects. Winetech "Tegnies" also regularly publish popular articles by other industry role players, such as suppliers. Viticulture articles in print are mostly in Afrikaans.

Winetech Technical on the WineLand Magazine website hosts all the articles published in print in English on the website making it easily searchable by topic.

At the end of each year Winetech amalgamates all the popular articles published that year into an interactive pdf, landscape shaped technical yearbook. All articles appear in English with full references.

The Winetech Scan is a monthly e-mail newsletter that contains bite size information on Winetech funded research, as well as interesting research from around the world.

The Winetech News is an e-mail newsletter with occasional news sent out less frequently to the same database as the Winetech Scan.

Winetech is also social with a Facebook page where links to interesting research, information on Winetech funded projects and snippets of winemaking information is posted, approximately twice a week.

The annual report summarizes Winetech’s main activities and expenditure for the year. It includes a detailed list of all the running projects and the project leaders of the projects.

Collaboration with industry role players

  • Winetech funds the regional information days and roadshows organised by VinPro.
  • Winetech is the main funder of the South African Society of Enology and Viticulture (SASEV) and the South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture (SAJEV).