Winetech's Council is responsible for the effective operational functioning of Winetech.

The Advisory Council comprises of experts in Viticulture, Oenology, Technology-transfer, Training, SA Wine Council and other representatives. Technical committees for viticulture, training, technology-transfer and oenology exists with specialist technical sub-committees for viticulture and oenology. These committees of experts are responsible for identifying research needs, prioritising research needs, evaluating the merits, progress and funding or not of research projects.

The members of Winetech are the members of the South African Liquor Brandowners Association (SALBA) and the Cape Wine Producers Association (VinPro) as well as other identified stakeholders. Technical expert committees for viticulture, training, technology transfer and oenology exists with special technical sub-committees for viticulture and oenology.

About Winetech - Structure