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Genetically modified organisms

The South African Wine Industry's research policy concerning genetically modified organisms (GMOs)


As a world player the South African wine industry promotes innovative research and dynamic science in a responsible, intelligent and perceptive manner to the benefit of all interested parties.


The South African wine industry provides quality products of the vine and related services and products all over the world.

Policy Undertaking

  • As far as the South African wine industry is concerned, research on and the use of GMOs have to comply with the requirements of all interested parties. Assurance is given that this will also be the case in future.
  • Consumers are provided with products in a transparent fashion so that the informed consumer will have a product choice.
  • Suppliers are given the opportunity to produce products competitively, using the latest technology.
  • With regard to the environment and the authorities, we guarantee responsible behaviour by allowing independent evaluation of laboratories, research and processes on an ongoing basis.

Implementation Policy

  • The policy undertaking of the South African wine industry is confirmed by: Participation in, and adherence to the decisions of the Executive Council for Genetically Modified Organisms established by section 3 of the Genetically Modified Organisms Act (Act 15 of 1997).
  • Compliance with the stipulations of the local GMO legislation, Act No 15 of 1997.
  • Adherence to the requirements of the international markets in which South Africa participates.
  • Ongoing transparent authoritative investigations into the advantages, disadvantages, risks, risk management and environmental impact of GMO activities.
  • The undertaking to keep all interested parties, including the authorities, producers, consumers and researchers, abreast of the latest information on a continuous basis.
  • Promoting membership of local and international organisations that are actively involved in current issues relating to GMOs.
  • The responsible management of the interaction between cutting edge technology, the implications thereof for the industry, as well as market requirements and perceptions.