About Winetech

We are passionate about advancing the wine industry, and paving the way for success by creating and sharing KNOWLEDGE.

Winetech operates as a network of participating institutions and individuals that, in one way or the other, have a strong interest in improving the competitive position of the South African wine industry.

Strategy: Research and technology innovation and transfer

The core focus of this strategy is the establishment of problem solving, market directed and socially and environmentally responsible technology invention, commercial development and transfer systems.

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Our vision

To help create a wine industry that recognises and uses science and technology as foundation stones for it's success.

Our mission 

To identify, prioritise, commission, complete and transfer research, development and innovation projects/initiatives that will directly contribute to strengthening the profitability and competitiveness of the industry in the local and international markets.

Strategic intent

Winetech's stategic intent is to deliver Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) outcomes that are highly valued and sought after by the industry in general and the pace setters in particular.

Core objectives

According to its constitution, the objectives are sixfold, namely:

To commission relevant research, innovation and technology transfer across the total wine industry value chain;

This will enable it to be cost effective while producing quality wines and other grape based products through the application of environmentally friendly technologies.

To support and guide the wine industry with expertise and environmentally sustainable technologies to produce cost effective and quality driven wines, brandy and grape-spirit products;

At all levels in terms of skills, knowledge and insight development - in order to ensure the practical implementation of the best knowledge and most advanced technologies in viticulture, wine making and other grape based products.

To provide access for relevant training and education for individuals in the RDI sector of the industry - at all levels in terms of skills, knowledge and insight development; and to facilitate the development of new entrants;

This will ensure the ongoing utilisation of the best technology within the industry, and to facilitate its dissemination to all the sectors of the industry.

To facilitate the implementation of relevant innovative research outputs and technological developments for commercial value;

This will improve their access to the industry by making appropriate cutting edge technology available to such producers.

To establish a culture of innovation and discovery within the industry;

This can be facilitated through Winetech's network of scientific and technological expertise.

To create global collaborative networks of scientific and technological expertise to provide world-class leadership to the wine industry.

This will promote the industry's technological capabilities and in the attainment of the other objectives.